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The Itch

Since 2000, God has been using The Barnabas Group (TBG) to make a powerful impact on its members as well as ministries around the corner and around the globe. Like minded Christian leaders join together and develop relationships that God uses in unique ways to bless His Kingdom. You will never know what God might do when you take your seat at a TBG event and meet someone just like you. Someone who has an "itch" to get in the game and be active in using all God has given them for His Glory.

It's the way that things converge here that sets us apart

But in contrast to many great individuals and organizations who support ministries primarily with the checkbook, TBG realized ministry-minded people could provide so much more if given an opportunity to use their network, time, unique abilities, giftings or resources to help ministries that reflect their true passions. The result is a truly dynamic organization that stays fresh, exciting, and highly relevant to its members, ministries and communities it serves.

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Every meeting is an opportunity to serve

At our quarterly meetings, presenting ministries share their vision, needs, challenges and realities, providing Barnabas Group members an opportunity to come along side and assist where they can and where they choose. In addition, we hold many special events throughout the year to promote member and ministry fellowship.

Our SWOT Team, which any member can participate in, meets with ministries several times each year to help ministries with emerging or crisis issues they are facing. Even our "ministry interview process" is used as an opportunity to coach and guide ministries as they present themselves to potential supporting audiences and individuals. We never stop looking at potential ways to make a difference.

Mission: Connecting Leaders, Changing Lives

To see the time, talent, touch and resources of marketplace and other Kingdom leaders help ministries transform lives worldwide.

Vision: Engage, Release, Launch and Grow

Engage thousands of marketplace leaders with Christian ministry opportunities around the corner and around the world.

Release generosity in our communities with the dedication of unique gifts of time, talent, touch (network), and treasure to God's service.

Launch and Grow The Barnabas Group Locations alongside local Christian foundations through the efforts of Master's Program graduates and other Christian leaders in every American metropolitan area with a population of at least one million.

Values: Christ First, Calling, Character, Collaboration

Christ First A personal commitment to be authentic followers of Jesus who know, love, and serve the Lord and Savior of our world.
Calling A personal commitment first to God the Caller, then as faithful stewards, engaging our unique abilities and gifts with a Kingdom purpose in service to Him.
Character A personal commitment to Christian virtue and integrity where our stated values match our choices and actions.
Collaboration A personal commitment to work together and leverage relationships for the greatest Kingdom impact and outcome.


A Word on Our Past, Present and Future

TBG was founded in 2000 by Bob Shank and Jim West to help men and women who had completed a three-year coaching program (The Master's Program) to engage their personal calling in service for God's Kingdom. Today, The Barnabas Group is made up of men and women who have that "itch" to be used by God to make a difference for His Kingdom. They want to use all God has given them to help people draw closer to Jesus Christ.